Best Golf Clubs of 2017

The site Two Golf Guys put out a list reviewing the best golf clubs of this year. It’s a pretty good list, so I figured I’d take some time to talk some more about a few of the clubs that appear on it. If you’re planning on buying a new set of clubs this season, here are some clubs to look at.

TaylorMade M1 Irons: These clubs are great for high, straight shots, although it doesn’t shoot quite as high as the TaylorMade M2. The rounded head of this club moves smoothly over roughs and uneven ground. It’s a good club for picking up up yards–I’ve heard of people gaining as much as 10 yards by switching to these. Despite impressive game-improvement features, including a fifteen-gram tungsten toe rate that lowers and centers the center of gravity, it has a clean, simple design. Steel clubs are $1,000 and graphite clubs are $1,200 for this model.

TaylorMade M2 Irons: These have most of the power of the M1s but without the sleekness. The tech gives them a slightly sci-fi look, but it looks good on them. It has a heavy sole that gives it some real power, creating fast, high shots. It also scores great on accuracy and forgiveness, according to Golf magazine. These are a bit cheaper than the M1, at $800 for the steel and $900 for the graphite.

Callaway XR OS Irons: These are straight-shooting irons great for players looking to improve their distance. Once you get used to them, you can shape your shots a little, but much more emphasis is on strong and high accuracy/forgiveness. Nicely balanced, these give you a lot of control over distance, and their wide soles work on lots of types of ground. Note that these shoot higher than some players are used to. These clubs price at $800 for steel and $900 for graphite.

Mizuno MP25: For a lighter, livelier club, try the Muzuno MP25, which uses boron rather than straight steel. This club is fun to handle, with a smooth, well-balanced feel. It struggles a bit on roughs, probably due to its lighter weight. The Two Golf Guys rated this one very high on forgiveness, but some players may not agree–I suspect how well you do in that respect depends on play style. Clubs are priced at $1,000.

Cobra King Pro Irons: Two Golf Guys ranked this one for best style, which is fair: the Cobra King has a forged iron blade, which looks cool and powerful and is really fun to play with. But unlike many other forged iron clubs, it also has high forgiveness and a nice center of gravity. These are great clubs for a casual game if only for how satisfying they sound when they make contact with the ball. Priced at $1,099.


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